Advanced analytics for your transactional emails

Connect your existing transactional email service provider, extend the log retention period and keep an eye on your delivery rate. Be the first to get early access!

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Currently supporting: Mailgun

1. Create new project

DeliveryHunt allows you to store all of your transactional email logs under one hood, under one account. It doesn’t matter how many SaaSes you manage or how many email addresses you send from.

2. Connect your email service provider

After creating a project, just point your email service provider to our endpoint (using webhooks) and we will start processing your delivery logs and email events. Yes, it's that simple!

3. Invite your teammates

Are you working with some coworkers? Great! You can invite them, so every teammate can collaborate, view statistics and dig in your email logs.

4. Extend your log retention period

Transaction email service providers usually offer a low log retention period, especially with cheaper plans. Two weeks, one week, or even only few days. But don't worry, we can extend this period for you!

5. Check your delivery rate

Keeping an eye on your delivery rate is really important. Bounced emails hurt your reputation and some receiving servers may start blocking your sent emails. In our app, you can check your delivery rate and solve the deliverability issues in advance.

6. Analyze user behaviour

What happened with a delivered email? Did the recipients open it? When? How many times? Did they click on any link? DeliveryHunt will help you answer these questions, quickly.